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Sisters Celtic Trio,
on National Tour

Friday, July 24 - 8:00pm - $17 advance / $20 at door

The Gothard Sisters

Another Great Celtic Show: Fiddles, Harmonies, Dancing, and More

Video of The Gothard Sisters - The Three Coins

"What the audience came to see was the youthful Celtic dancing and fiddling. They got it. But they weren't prepared for the elaborate show they received... multiple instruments, enhancing vocals, genre variety and even great storytelling. Then the sisters mixed it all together with the hand of a master choreographer. They had our audience on the edge of their seats and leaning forward with excitement. The people watching had no idea what was coming next, but they knew they didn't want to miss it." - Chas Cantlon, Ronan Performing Arts Center, MT

The Gothard Sisters are the tremendously entertaining and dynamic result of infectious youth combined with years of performance experience and quality musical training. Real siblings Greta - on fiddle, guitar, Irish dance and vocals, Willow - on fiddle, mandolin, bodhran, Irish dance and vocals and Solana - on lead vocals, Irish dance, bodhran, fiddle, djembe and just about anything you could pull out of a Mary Poppins bag make up this totally unique band.

With their feel-good melodies, gorgeous sibling vocal harmonies, energetic and imaginative programming, hilarious banter, award-winning original tunes and songs, fresh and inspiring new takes on traditional favorites and a background seeped in musical tradition and quality, this new all-female band (The Gothard Sisters were the winner of Best New Irish Artist in the Irish Music Awards 2013 and were honored with Album of the Year and Jig /Reel of the Year from Celtic Radio in 2011) is making huge waves in the worlds of Celtic and Folk music.

Audiences rave about their live performances, as well as their recorded studio albums. They have packed stages at top Irish festivals, performing arts centers and folk venues around the country and tour extensively throughout the year, one minute bringing their crowds to yell and shout and cheer, the next causing them to tear up with a beautiful ballad from Ireland before heading straight into a comedic rendition of the Devil Went down to Georgia or dueling it out - bodhran versus bodhran. There is never a dull moment in a Gothard Sisters show, and their concerts and sets at festivals have people of every age and background completely enthralled.

Special Sunday Afternoon Show

Sunday, August 23 - 2:00pm - $16 advance / $20 at door

Muriel Anderson

World-Famous Fingerstyle Guitarist and Harp-Guitarist

Live video of Muriel playing harp guitar

Live video of Muriel playing Superstition

One of the world's foremost fingerstyle guitarists and harp-guitarists, Muriel Anderson is the first woman to have won the National Fingerstyle Guitar Championship. An engaging performer, her obvious joy of music, humor, and facility across musical genres is revered by guitarists and audiences worldwide. She has recorded with country legend Chet Atkins, performed in New York with Les Paul, across the globe solo, in ensemble and with orchestras. She is host and founder of Muriel Anderson's All Star Guitar Night, the premiere live music event for over 20 years at the semi-annual NAMM music trade shows, and also the founder of the Music for Life Alliance charity. She is a prolific composer of music on guitar and harp guitar.

Her unique approach to the instrument virtually transforms the guitar into a lyrical choir, then a marching band, then a Japanese koto, then a Bluegrass band, one minute launching into a Beatles tune and the next, Rodrigo's Concerto de Aranjuez.

Her Heartstrings cassette traveled into space, accompanying astronaut Susan Helms for 2.3 million miles on the space shuttle Discovery. Muriel's music can also be heard in Woody Allen's film Vicky Cristina Barcelona. She enjoys touring as is evidenced by her "photos from the road" and "recipes from the road" on her website. Her new double CD Nightlight Daylight is a culmination of her creative spirit, and is also the first CD to incorporate fiber optics in the packaging.

Attention Guitar Students - Immiately after the show, Muriel will be driving up to Mendocino, where she will be teaching and performing at the Mendocino Guitar Festival for 5 days. She has a rental car, and has offered a ride to and from the festival for any student who wants to attend the festival.

Hans York on National Tour

Saturday, August 29 - 8:00pm - $15 advance / $18 at door

Hans York

The Best in the Singer-Songwriter Genre

Live video of Hans York - Snow

Live video of Hans York - Listen To The Moon

Hans York is a masterful storyteller, multi-instrumentalist, and a producer with a deep musical palette. His music extends across multiple genres, from jazz to world to roots. Hans' career started back in Germany where he was writing for TV and performing with his own Band CHAO besides accompanying Robert Palmer on German TV. In the late 80's, his fascination with sensitivity and richness of Brazilian music resulted in his first solo album "Hazzazar". Around the same time he toured as a bass player with the New York Broadway Ensemble (West Side Story), played throughout Europe with master harp player Ruediger Oppermann, and performed a Concerto as soloist on fretless bass with the "Ars Quittilinga" Chamber Orchestra. Hans co-founded the German World-music cult band, Moka Efti, and they recorded/produced three CDs.

Hans is lauded for his "sweet, comfy tenor and expressive acoustic guitar work that place him in the upper echelon of music makers." A winner at the esteemed Kerrville New Folk Festival, Hans has a voice that is both uplifting and worldly. His later music is of substance and reflects the American roots of his youth. Now in 2015 Hans is back on the road delighting audiences from all over the US.

Coming Back to Our Venue

Saturday, September 19 - 8 pm - $15 advance / $20 at door

Lisa "Sangita" Moskow and Paul Eastburn

The American Sarodist and Composer

Live video of Lisa "Sangita" Moskow

Composer / sarod player Lisa "Sangita" Moskow has gained international recognition for her innovative work with the sarod, a 25-stringed lute from North India. As of today Sangita would most likely describe herself as an East-West singer/songwriter. She would like her compositions and her overall music career to reflect global consciousness and delight that she gets from artistic expression. She has spent the last 28 years creating original compositions and unusual ensembles for this instrument, and has performed extensively throughout Europe, Mexico, and the US West Coast. Lisa has developed a new genre of sarod composition using non-traditional tunings and techniques. These pieces incorporate vocalizations and lyrics. They draw heavily from the scales, rhythms, and structures of North Indian classical music, but also from the musics of Indonesia, Japan, the Middle East, and Europe. She performs these pieces both as a soloist and with a variety of accompanying instruments including harp, cello, guitar, didgeridoo, and hand percussion.

Lisa has received more than 10 awards for musical composition from the ASCAP Foundation. She was also the recipient of a Subito grant from the American Composers Forum. Her collaboration with Robert Rich resulted in "Yeurning" CD which was voted as one of the top CDs for meditation and yoga in the 20th century by Yoga Journal. In addition, Sangrita has been a member of Mosaic, a San Francisco Bay Area composer group, since 1991. She makes regular appearances on radio and TV, and has worked in film, theater, dance, and multimedia productions.

Accompanying Lisa will be Paul Eastburn whose extraordinary talents are expressed in various genres and styles of music. He is one of the most in-demand musicians in the Bay Area. He has also distinguished himself as an educator in a number of schools.

Scotland's premier traditional band

Saturday, October 17 - 8:00pm - $18 advance / $20 at door

The Tannahill Weavers

An Especially Eloquent Mixture of the Old and the New

Video of The Tannahill Weavers - Gloomy Winter's Noo Awa'

Live video of The Tannahill Weavers

The Tannahill Weavers are one of Scotland's premier traditional bands. Since the band's formation, the Tannahills have won the Scotstar Award for Folk Record of the Year with their third album, The Tannahill Weavers. The band has played in front of thousands at the national festivals in Vancouver, Winnipeg and Toronto screaming an approval that echoed throughout the Canadian media. The Regina Leader-Post wrote, "The Tannahill Weavers personify Celtic music, and if you are given to superlatives, you have to call their talent 'awesome'." In 2011 the band was inducted into the Scottish Traditional Music Hall of Fame, and in 2014 they were joined by an innovative piper Lorne MacDougall. Lorne comes with a high pedigree, having arranged and performed pipes for the Disney Pixar movie "Brave", along with a long list of other accomplishments. With the release of the Tannahill's 17th recording, Live and In Session, on award-winning label Compass Records, they are firmly established as one of the best groups on the concert stage.

Their diverse repertoire spans the centuries with fire-driven instrumentals, topical songs, and original ballads and lullabies. Their music demonstrates to old and young alike the rich and varied musical heritage of the Celtic people. These versatile musicians have received worldwide accolades consistently over the years for their exuberant performances and outstanding recording efforts. The Tannahills have that unique combination of traditional melodies, driving rhythmic accompaniment, and rich vocals that make their performances unforgettable.